RAZZLE was first created by its cofounders Ryan Havens, Alan Havens, and Zachary Mourar. The first RAZZLE video was published on March 6th, 2017 but the channel was originally known as 123Gnomeinc. This predecessor to RAZZLE was known for its comedic sketch videos and starting with the 4-part series known as "The Gnome". These videos introduced other members to the RAZZLE family such as Jake Hagelin and Ben Hagelin. Later, RAZZLE would go on to create its very own podcast known as RAZZLECast, while still uploading movie reviews, trailer reactions, and movie rewinds. The channel would later introduce 2 new members to the RAZZLE team in Joel Snyder and Jordan Raisman. Today, RAZZLE has branched out its content to include RAZZLECast, movie reviews, movie commentaries, and Let's Plays. The 123Gnomeinc videos are also still proudly displayed on the RAZZLE page to allow fans to view the channel that started it all.

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